@EarthRoverBot status page

@EarthRoverBot is a simulation of a rover that is traveling from the Canada/US border in Maine, to the US/Mexico border in California, near San Diego. It has no preset route, and there are two ways it can move. It will accept commands issued via tweets, or it will move on its own every 12 minutes.

The bot has some very simple navigation routines, and it will attempt to drive itself to its destination, but it will only travel to places that have Google Street Map data. Every 12 minutes it will pick a move to make, hopefully towards the destination.

But it's not very smart, so it could definitely use some help from humans! You can issue commands to the bot via Twitter to help it on its way. Here's a list of commands @EarthRoverBot accepts:

Also, to get around Twitter's duplicate tweet limitations, you can add extra words/characters to a command. For example, "@EarthRoverBot move 10" and "@EarthRoverBot move 10 please" will both work.

It's going to take a long time to travel 3500+ miles from Maine to California, so please help!

This map tracks where the rover is. It will update every 15 minutes or so.