Hey, I'm Colin Mitchell. I build art and other things on the internet.



I've made a lot of bots. My early bots were on Twitter, but now I mostly build them on Mastodon. Some of my favorites are @botgle, @wayback_exe, and @EarthRoverBot. You can read about all of my bots in detail in my list of projects, or check out this list on Twitter.


Here's some recent projects of mine. You can see a more complete list on my projects page. You can be *instantly notified* of any new project I post here by subscribing to this RSS feed. Please subscribe!


Many of my projects have their source code available on my github page.


I don't blog much anymore, but you can catch up on my old posts any time you like. Some of my favorite posts include The Public Art of Amazon Reviews, a list of the most common place names in the United States and a post about gopher and my early experiences on the internet.


Feel free to email me at colin @ this domain dot com.