Greyhounds are Fast

Han came home today and as she opened the door, Mabel slipped out. She ran over to our neighbors house, raced around in there for a minute or two, and then she trotted back outside. As I went over to grab her, she raced off away from me and onto the path that heads to "downtown" Millers Falls. I raced after her (which was probably a mistake - always run in the other direction so that they want to chase you instead) and almost caught her before I crashed into a tree. She hopped over the railroad tracks. I leapt after her, tripped, and crashed right into one of the tracks, knocking the wind out of my chest. Damn, does it hurt. Thought that I had bruised some ribs for a minute. Feeling better now.

Moral of the story - Greyhounds are speedy animals.

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