Thoughts On Moving...

Here are some things I can recommend doing, having done none of them in this most recent move:

  • Bake a week's worth of lasagne or other easy-to-reheat food so that you don't have to eat out three times a day for god knows how long (although, always jump at the chance to have champagne and pizza together)
  • Never, never, EVER, pack your swiss army knife – you should be using it! I'm still looking for mine, and I could've used it 100 times in the last week.
  • If you borrow boxes from your friend's last move, make sure to cross out the old description of what's inside the box. We've got a couple of piles of winter jackets in our kitchen now because of this one.

Anway, Han and I have moved into our new home, a farmhouse about 100 years old in a sleepy town in western MA (gonna leave that a secret for now). It's small (maybe 1000 sq ft or so of living space, maybe a little more), but has a lot of charm, plenty of storage space, and lots of potential for cool things to improve. The kitchen needs a lot of work, some of the wiring needs to be redone, there's only one bathroom and it could use a revamp, and the yard is awesome but needs some TLC. The house was rented out for about 15 years, and although the owners kept it in good condition, it doesn't look like they did many improvements during that time. We live across the street from a big chunk of conservation land, with a bunch of meadows, and a stream with a swimming hole and a rope swing. Down the street in one direction is a book store, a farm stand, and soon a little pub too. In the other direction is the town common, the church with the bells that are a few minutes off every hour, and a little store full of beer and other essentials.

So what is this blog for? It's for me as much as anyone else. I want to remember the things I learn along the way. I want to keep track of all of our little projects, the fun we have, the awful moments (like discovering particle board under that carpeting when you were sure it was going to be hardwood), and who knows what else.

We've already ripped up a bunch of carpreting, stripped down some wallpaper, and painted our living room a nice linen color. I've got lots more to write about but that'll have to wait. Hopefully this week, I'll wire the house with ethernet cable, which should be a fun project.

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