Not Really a Money Pit

This house isn't really a money pit, at least, not in the traditional sense. But it is amazing just how much money you can spend on a house. The thing is, it's pretty much a form of entertainment. Today was the first day in a long while that I didn't make it to a hardware store to buy something. I LOVE hardware stores. I could spend all day looking at the tools, thinking about what sort of projects I could start with them. Stacks of mason jars, just waiting for applesauce and pickles. The ladders (which I can't wait to buy), pipes and electrical wire, the lawnmowers and the paint and everything else, all of it speaks to this untapped form of creativity – taking care of the place you live and making it a reflection of yourself.

I still haven't set up my office, so I spent most of the day on the couch in our little den with the two cats on the futon with me, and Mabel on her bed next to me. It's thundering outside right now, our first thunderstorm in the new place, which is great because there was some sort of strange valley effect that caused us to miss just about every potential thunderstorm in our old place. It's also an opportunity for discovery – I just found a leak in the roof of our garage. It's a tin roof (fun during rainstorms for certain), and there's one solitary drip. I put a trashcan under it for the time being, and hopefully this weekend I can patch it up. Looks like I'll need that ladder after all….

Today's piece of advice: don't pay your lawyer until after you close. We've been treated like crap by ours, and there hasn't been much we can do, because we paid up front and can't afford to lose the money right now. Originally we were supposed to close on the house on this past Tuesday, which was what our lawyer picked as a date. Fine. A few weeks ago he calls up and tells Han that the closing needs to be moved to Wednesday because the bank needs to get some papers to him, and it won't be done in time. Afterwards, we called the bank and they said that everything was fine, and that there weren't any papers at all. Yesterday (Tuesday), he calls up Han and tells her that the closing is set for 10:45… but after awhile into the conversation, it becomes clear that he means 10:45 on THURSDAY. Apparently the sellers have some papers that they need to file, and they want an extra day. Of course at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a lie too. Basically, we've been stuck with a lying, cheating, overpaid lawyer who is getting paid $700 to ignore us and treat us like crap. Next time, I'm using my best friend, who happens to be a lawyer too.

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