Post Vacation Fun

First off, here's the garden. Things look pretty good - thanks to all of our friends who ran the soaker hoses while we were away. The peas look good, the soybeans are up, carrots are looking good, shallots and onions have sprouted, bok choi is up, chard, spinach, scallions, mesclun greens, beans, taters, and some things I've forgotten.

Looks like our beets never sprouted. I'm going to try replanting them sometime this week, when the tomatoes and peppers go in as well. The beans are doing all right, except that they seem really fragile.

In the berry patch, it looks like the raspberries I planted aren't doing anything, but some of the wild plants seem to be growing, and we have some rhubarb in there as well that's growing nicely.

Now that all the trees have their leaves fully in, the sun isn't quite so strong. There's still a good amount of direct sunlight, but I'm a little concerned it won't be enough. Some of the plants look a little gangly as it is already.

I spent a couple of hours weeding today and could've spent more. We're supposed to get a bunch of rain over the next few days but I'm hoping to have a couple more things planted before the end of the week, along with tomatoes, etc, etc, etc.

Oh, pics of wales are on Han's site.

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