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Happy June!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty killer in garden-land. I got a couple of batches of seedlings in the mail and put them in the ground about two weeks ago. Half of them died (technically, I think more than half of them died, more like two-thirds). I bought some more from Old Depot Gardens, and they're mostly doing okay. Next year I'm growing my own. They've all been dosed with some fish fertilized which seems to be doing a good job.

The peas are weeks behind where I would expect them to be. I checked them today and it looks like they might flower in the next day or two. They've been in the ground for close to 60 days.

Sunlight is becoming an issue. Our trees are blocking sunlight, and the lilacs on one side and the fence on the other side aren't helping. There's a few rows that are getting decent sun, and a few that probably shouldn't be planted at all.

I put a bunch of herbs in the ground - Oregano has absolutely the smallest seeds I've ever seen. The potatoes look totally awesome - if they were growing any better I'd change careers.

And everything else is looking pretty good.

Pics in the gallery.

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