6/13 - Garden

The last week or so has been mostly terrific for the garden, with a few exceptions. The peas are almost all flowering now, and I hope for a pretty good harvest from them this year. The soybeans are doing well. The tomatoes that have survived to this point are doing alright, although they could use some consistently warm weather. Soybeans look well, bok choy is doing alright, the onions and shallots are slow, but seem fine. The carrots look great - I'm going to harvest a whole bunch of those.

Our salad greens and spinach are going to go completely unused - they bolted before we could do anything with them. Dill and cilantro are growing reasonably well, but there's not a lot of either. I'll need to plant a good batch of dill if I want to use it to make pickles.

The potatoes are still growing, but we had a massive thunderstorm a few days ago that did some serious damage to them. My hilling got shoved all around, and the rain eroded a lot of the dirt away. That and the wind caused a lot of damage - plants are all tangled together, probably lost a few. That's one of the problems with packing them in close on steep rows.

Anyway, cucumbers will go in the ground in the next few days, melons soon, and a few other things, and that will be it until I can finish off the peas and a few other plants.

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