Independence Day Garden

(pictures to follow)…

So, the peas are basically done now. I just picked a fairly decent shirtful of them, and will be eating them tonight at Tanglewood while we watch Garrison Keillor. Overall, they were disappointing - it's all because I didn't plan for them to be as tall as they were. Next year I'm going back to the teepee. One of the fun things about gardening is planning for next year before this year is even remotely finished. I love the longevity of that…

There's not a lot growing out there that will be edible any time soon. The carrots seem to be very slow. They're just starting to grow little root veggies now. They may be packed in too tightly but I don't think so.

The scallions are looking alright. Cilantro and dill are doing well. I just planted an oregano seedling about two days ago, and there is some growing from seed, along with basil and mint. The shallots and onions seem to be doing okay, but I seem to lose a plant every now and then - it just disappears. I think the cats are eating them or something.

The potatoes seem to be doing great. I went out this morning to check on things, and they are flowering like crazy. They had some flowers on a few plants about a week or two ago, but they disappeared and that was it.

TOMATO UPDATE: The tomatoes are doing very well. I've got a few plants that are growing out of control and need to be staked better. There is fruit on at least one plant (I will check more later). Overall, given the debacle of the plants I got in the mail keeling over and dying, I'm pretty happy.

Peppers are also doing well - I love the little teeny peppers growing on them.

I planted cukes and brussels sprouts last Sunday (6/27) - the BS are the ultimate gardening experiment this year, and I'm curious to see how they do - hopefully they aren't planted too late. I planted squash about three days ago - both butternut and another kind (delicata? i'll look at the packet later). Melons will go in soon, along with summer greens, and that will be it for awhile.

Thinking about the future: OK, it's early, but thinking ahead - things to do next year: - teepee for peas - wider rows for taters and other crazy things - either cage the tomatoes or do something that will hold them up

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