the garden grows

(… almost posted on wifi from the garden, except that it got cloudy so i moved the laptop inside).

The garden continues to grow. Carrots have been slow but seem to be harvestable now. The soybean plants have beans on them - they look incredibly weird - wicked fuzzy. Tomatoes are out of control - I've got a few plants that are close to 6' tall right now, and they'd be taller if they could be. All sorts of fruit on them.

The potatoes are flowering and growing - I needed to corral them with some chicken wire.

I've got three pepper plants, and they're all coming along. One of them is too shaded to amount to much, but they all have some little peppers on them.

Herbs have been disapointing - next year I'm planting them in a container of some sort to make weeding a non-issue.

Planted recently:

Cucumbers - both for eating and pickling - these are coming along nicely. Brussels Sprouts - they've germinated, and are growing slowly but surely. Pole Beans - planted some today, let's see if they survive the summer. Broccoli - also planted today.

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