Why Biodiesel Won't Work (right now anyway)

Bad news for fans of biodiesel - that old beater Benz with the tank full of fry grease is going to be burning palm oil grown where there was once rain forest:

Almost all the remaining forest is at risk. Even the famous Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan is being ripped apart by oil planters. The orang-utan is likely to become extinct in the wild. Sumatran rhinos, tigers, gibbons, tapirs, proboscis monkeys and thousands of other species could go the same way. Thousands of indigenous people have been evicted from their lands, and some 500 Indonesians have been tortured when they tried to resist(9). The forest fires which every so often smother the region in smog are mostly started by the palm growers. The entire region is being turned into a gigantic vegetable oil field.

George Monbiot : Worse Than Fossil Fuel

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