Good story on Pedro Martinez here.

My take - In a lot of ways, players like Pedro, Manny and Ortiz are what is great about baseball - they're incredible performers who know that they're playing a kid's game, they're lucky to be doing it, and they LOVE it.

Pedro is the greatest pitcher I've ever seen, and probably ever will see. I had great luck getting to his games at Fenway in the late 90s and in 2000 when I moved down the street in Cambridge. It was a lot easier to get in to the park then - there were plenty of times that I would figure out where his slot in the rotation was and then grab the tickets a couple weeks beforehand.

I remember watching him dominate the Indians and Bartolo Colon. I remember when Mo Vaughn returned as an Angel. What happened that night is basically what should happen tonight - the fans cheered Mo (well, there were a lot of boos, but mostly cheers), and they went beserk when Pedro made him look like a total fool, striking out on a three pitches.

Anyway, I hope that Pedro goes 9 innings and loses 1-0 on an unearned run or something like that. I wish he was still on the Sox. In case I ever become a GM, note to self - if you have a chance to sign the best pitcher ever, always go for it.

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