Mitt Romney, Defender of Marriage

Willard Mitt Romney, who might not be around today if his great grandad wasn't a polygamyst, has earned Jerkvision's coveted "Defender o' Marriage" award.

Governor Mitt Romney said yesterday that he would ask the Supreme Judicial Court to override the Legislature and let voters decide whether to ban same-sex marriage, telling a boisterous crowd of several thousand at a State House rally that lawmakers are violating the state constitution by refusing to act on the proposal. [link]

It takes a special politician to summon up the testicular strength to stage a rally for a bunch of bigots who are mostly bolstered by out-of-state support, in order to decry the legislature because they don't want the majority to vote on minority rights.  Funny, I don't remember Mitt wrapping himself in the flag of Massachusetts when he decided to run for governor here, even though by any reasonable standard he's not even a citizen of the Commonwealth.  Maybe I missed that rally.

Speaking of rallies, Vegas will have the over/under line on the number of anti-gay rallies held by Romney before he announces his run for Presidency.

While we're on the topic, kudos to South Africa for legalizing same-sex marriage.  If a nation that had explicit separation of the races not very long ago can get it together on this, then so can we.

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