An Interesting Experiment

From a fun read, the Science Creative Quarterly, it's … THE CRAIGSLIST EUTHANIST THEORY

THEORY: A public job listing for an animal euthanist will go over poorly. SCIENTIFIC STUDY: 1:17 PM - The following is posted in the Jobs section of Craigslist:
Seeking Experienced Euthanist for Animal Facility New Jersey animal science facility seeks an experienced Euthanist. You should be skilled in euthanizing not only standard test dogs and cats, but also horses, pigs, rabbits, monkeys and various rodentia, some birds. If you do not have this experience we will be willing to provide training to an individual with the right qualifications. This is a full-time job with health benefits. You should be prepared to euthanize 50-250 animals per week, depending on current testing conditions. Please be prepared for this - our last three euthanists have been unable to perform to our standards. Please send resume and salary requirements. Thank you.
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