Processing in JavaScript

I've been wanting to play with Processing for some time, although time has been in short supply for awhile now. Anyway, maybe now that it's been ported to JavaScript I can find a way to play around with it. From Wired:

John Resig, JavaScript Evangelist for Mozilla and creator of the JQuery library, has ported the Processing visualization language to JavaScript. We cover a lot of language and software developments here at Compiler, but this might be the most impressive thing we've ever seen.

If, like me, you’ve never head of the Processing language until today, here’s a quick overview: Processing is an open source programming language for people who want to work with images, animation, and interactions.

Processing has three components, the language, the drawing API and the implementation (typically through Java). Resig’s port uses regular expressions to convert the Processing language to JavaScript for display in your browser. The second part of his project handles the full 2D Processing API.

The result enables you to take advantage of the Processing language without ever needing to write a line of code in it, which is pretty amazing (and you can pass in Processing commands directly if you want to).

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