The Death of Creative Play

Just read on the MAKE blog that Erector no longer makes Erector sets. Instead, they make a talking iPod dock robot

<blockquote>That was then and this is now… In the USA "Erector" is now the SPYKEE an iPod dock robot that can talk and turn off TVs, it's also a WiFi spy robot that can make me very depressed it seems, amazing! </blockquote>

Of course, there's no shortage of breathless overly excited reviews of it.

From Wikipedia:
<blockquote>Erector Set is the trade name of a toy construction set that was wildly popular in the United States during much of the 20th century. Like Meccano that was patented in 1901, it consists of collections of small metal beams with regular holes for nuts, bolts, screws, and mechanical parts such as pulleys, gears, and small electric motors.</blockquote>

When I was a kid, I played with these things all the time. My friends and I would build things endlessly with them. Seems less than inspiring to think that there's a company which thinks today's kids will prefer building an iPod holder instead. On the bright side, someone has already obtained the rights to build the original Erector sets.

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