I Keep Forgetting To Post This

From McSweeney's - Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, Recorded for the Return of the King

CHOMSKY: If that. It has all the characteristics of a classic fetish object. It's ludicrous to believe that this ring, or any ring, is indeed a "ring of power"—whatever that could mean—or that it, as an inanimate object, is "evil," or, indeed, that the fate of Middle Earth depends upon its destruction. We are supposed to accept this because Gandalf has recounted a couple of legends of dubious legitimacy. As we will discuss, the truthfulness of these legends is highly suspect, bound as they are in a conspiracy to keep the indigenous beings of Middle Earth under Elvish thrall. Hobbits, a race hopelessly addicted to pipe-weed, are, from Gandalf's perspective, the ideal example of a malleable native people. How fitting that they are selected as the "bearers" of this worthless bit of jewelry. ZINN: Exactly. All Hobbits really do is abuse substances, sweep their porches, and march to the orders of their colonial overlords.
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