Thumbs To The News: Public Turns To Twitter : NPR

That great bastion of Journalism, National Public Radio, jumps on the Twitter bandwagon.

The big question: Can you trust the news you get from social media? Maybe not, says Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute, a training center for journalists. "You know, just because a person says it, and says it online or says it on a Twitter page, does not make it true — not even close," Tompkins says. Professional reporters, says Tompkins, have an obligation to verify information before they publish or broadcast it. But the widespread use of cell phones, computers and digital cameras has turned that tradition on its head. For non-journalists, he says, it's often "report first, verify later — if at all."

Tompkins is right of course. I think we can all agree that traditional media never gets it <a href"">wrong</a>.

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