Farmville and Social Gaming

From Cultivated Play: Farmville:<blockquote><p></p><p>Indeed, when one measures Farmville against Roger Caillois’ six criteria for defining games, Farmville fails to satisfy each and every one. Caillois stated that games must be free from obligation, separate from 'real life,' uncertain in outcome, an unproductive activity, governed by rules, and make-believe.</p><p></p></blockquote>and…<blockquote><p>The most important thing to recognize here is that, whether we like it or not, seventy-three million people are playing Farmville: a boring, repetitive, and potentially dangerous activity that barely qualifies as a game. Seventy-three million people are obligated to a company that holds no reciprocal ethical obligation toward those people.</p></blockquote>It's interesting to compare Farmville to something like EVOKE, which isn't much more than a PR campaign for the World Bank. See INVOKE for more on that.