Whale Pail -- Twitter Delivered to your RSS Feed

WhalePail is a simple web app to generate RSS feeds for a variety of Twitter data. I wrote it to help me keep track of the collection of bots I have running on Twitter. I used to just have a couple panels in TweetDeck to watch them, but TweetDeck sucks, and so does having to watch it all the time. Now, I can get a daily summary of their activity in my RSS feed, which is much easier to deal with, and I can scrap TweetDeck in favor of a much better client.

To use the site, you'll need to authenticate yourself via Twitter. Then you can setup checks for tweets, mentions, or just search for a phrase. You get the results back as an RSS feed. You can specify daily checks, or a couple times a day. This is handy if you're checking for something that might have enough volume that Twitter's API might flush it out more than daily. I might add some other options like JSON output later.

The code runs on Sinatra, and is available as twitter-rss-digest on github. I used the sinitter project as a starting point.

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