Bookmark Hoarding

I have 3395 bookmarks on my delicious account, which judging from top user data, puts me somewhere in the busier users.

WHICH IS FUCKED UP, because I never use any of these bookmarks!

Recently I switched from using Firefox to Chrome as my default browser. In Firefox, I used a plugin to sync up with delicious, and had maybe 30 or so bookmarks in my main toolbar, with some handy links I use daily. The rest of the bookmarks just sat there. I barely used them, never really thought about it. Chrome doesn't have a decent extension for delicious right now. So, I loaded my bookmarks into Google bookmarks, which was a bit of a pain, and required some coding, but eventually it was done. When you use Google Bookmarks, they show up in searches. That seems handy, but in reality it wasn't working for me at all. And all of a sudden I had 3400 bookmarks to manage, and I didn't care about any of them.

So, I deleted almost all of them. It seemed like a crazy idea at first - after all, I had added all these bookmarks for a reason. But while I was struggling with what to do about them, I realized that I was just hoarding these bookmarks, with little intention of every using them. And having deleted them, I haven't looked back. I have maybe a dozen really important bookmarks now - my bank, a couple random sites I use a lot. I have one folder for random project ideas that I like to track, but I have every intention of cleaning it out often.

All those bookmarks were like some sort of list of accomplishments a la Progress Quest – as I would surf around, every page of even vague interest was bookmarked for me, and I could cross it off the list of cool sites I had visited. It was like some sort of bizarre mark of pride. And I never referred back to them for anything I never could've found in Google anyway.

So, they're gone, and although I thought I would miss them at first, I haven't missed them at all.