The Perils of Big Site Redesigns

Han and I, but especially Han, are huge fans of It's the homepage on every browser Han uses, including her phone, and I check it a couple times a day, especially when it's snowing as much as it is now, or when storms are on the horizon in general.

They have a great site. There's a lot of data, radar, history, etc. Wunderground has been around for such a long time, it basically predates the web – originally it had a character-based telnet interface. And until recently, it hadn't changed in many years.

But they just did a redesign. And here are over 1000 comments about it, a huge bulk of them negative. As a heavy user of the site, I agree, it's a very jarring change.

I think it's fair to say a lot of thought was put into the redesign, and if you put both sites side by side, you'd probably prefer the new one. But people are really shocked and surprised. The navigation and layout are completely different. Maybe they should have thought about a beta site before making such a radical change, or making changes over time. At least give your users some warning. You can still get to the 'Classic View', but that's not the same at all – it makes your users feel bad.

It's sort of a bummer, I hope they figure it out.