Dungeons & Dragons, the next version

Decent article in the New York Times on D&D and its history and future. Apparently there's a new version in the works, again, hopefully with a lot of fan input.

Here's a fun line about all the rules fragmentation (mentioned in this very blog when I reviewed What is Dungeons & Dragons?):

A result, said David M. Ewalt, a senior editor at Forbes and the author of a forthcoming history of Dungeons & Dragons, has been a fractured fan base. The game is a group activity, he said, and playing together is tricky when players use different rules. “Imagine trying to organize a basketball team, if the point guard adheres to modern league rules, but the center only knows how to play ancient Mayan handball.”

via @peterbebergal

UPDATE Here's a story on IO9 that discusses the assorted versions of the game in detail.