Leaderboards on WTFLevel

I added a new feature to WTFlevel.com a couple of days ago – it now shows leaderboards for the top periods of sustained swearing on Twitter. I've included two types of data here – the top 6-hour timespans, and the top 24-hour timespans. You can see the rate of swearing for that period, as well as the top words used in that time.

A bit about the top words – I filter out all the swears from this data since the swearing itself isn't necessarily that interesting – trying to figure out why people are swearing has a lot more value.

Not too shockingly, they are basically the few biggest events of the last month or so – the election, Hurricane Sandy, and a bit of the World Series as well.

Here's the hour so far (These times are in US Eastern time BTW):

Time: 10pm - 11pm Nov 6th

Rate: 10.72%

Words: romney obama election stupid white black

Here's the top 6-hour span:

Time: 3am - 9am Nov 7th

Rate: 9.72%

Words: obama president romney school morning black

And here's the top 24-hour span:

Time: 10am Oct 28th - 10am Oct 29th

Rate: 7.5%

Words: tomyfutureson sandy giants hurricane future

Finally, I noticed some people on Twitter complaining that I haven't released the list of swears that WTFlevel searches for. I also noticed people swearing a lot trying to bump the rate on the site. Guess what – those two things are related! Anyway, I think most people are creative enough to guess the top 10 or so swears in the list.

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