I Forgot My Age: A Special Helper

As we age, and stop remembering our exact age, down to the month/day, and as other concerns begin to crowd into our brains, it can be easy to forget something as essential as 'How old am I?' Am I 37, or 38? How old was I on my last birthday? And so on.

To help with this serious problem, I launched iforgotmyage.com, a website where you can enter your birthday and learn how old you are. Of course it sounds dumb when you read that, but there's more! You can also learn how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds old you are. Furthermore, the site sets a cookie so that on return trips you can check your age quickly, and there's even a convenient bookmark you can store to check your age. Finally, if you visit on your birthday, you get a special surprise.


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