Each Town - Listing All Towns in America on Twitter

A week or two ago I launched @eachtown on Twitter. It will spend the next couple years tweeting the name and location of every populated place in America, in alphabetical order.

A couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time fiddling with the USGS database of Geographic Names. It's a cool set of data and I've often thought of doing more with it. I was inspired by @everyword to create something similar, and decided to create a bot which iterates through every populated place in America, and tweets the name, and a link to a Google Map for the location. I enjoy the context you get from having the ability to look at a place. Not every location in the database is a city or even a town. There's mobile home parks, condominiums, etc. Seeing them on the map gives you a sense of the fact that these places are real, and gives them a little context.

Agnew Mobile Home Park, WA

Agnew Mobile Home Park, WA

It's a pretty simple bot, and I'll post the source code at some point once I clean it up a little.

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