Your Very Own ebooks Twitter Account

BIG NOTE: Are you actually interested in making an ebooks account for yourself? You should checkout mispy's twitter_ebooks library, which is a lot better than the hacky code here.

PREDICTION: In the future, everyone will be Internet-famous for 15 minutes. One of the consequences of that fame will be an ebooks-style Twitter account, just like @horse_ebooks, but actually generated by computer.

For kicks I decided to write a generic script that can take any Twitter account and make an ebooks version of it. Here's what @mitchc2_ebooks looks like:

And here's the script:

It's pretty straightforward. It's written in ruby, and it runs on top of chatterbot which does most of the heavy lifting, and a neat library called marky_markov handles the markov chain generation. It will tweet every few hours, or any time that my account tweets. It will also reply to mentions.

As much as anything, this seems like an exercise in banality. I enjoy the tweets being generated, but they're certainly nothing amazing. There's a pile of accounts like this out there. Most of the fame has gone to horse_ebooks, but it never used Markov chains. I think the first account like this that I remember reading about is @dedbullets. There's a blog post about it, and an even longer one as well.

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