You Should Make a Screensaver

This is an open call for screensavers. You should make a screensaver and ask me to add it to Before Dawn. If you can write HTML, you already have all the skills you need to add one, and if you can't write HTML, now is a great time to learn!

I've added a guide for writing a screensaver to the Before Dawn wiki. A good way to get started might be to look at the existing work in the screensavers repository on GitHub. There's a few screensavers that are a very small amount of JS, but it's mostly just CSS and HTML. For example, here's the Screen Flipper screensaver:

Other than the JS which loads some incoming parameters (and is part of the template provided whenever you create a new screensaver), this screensaver is basically one image tag, and a single CSS rule.

Some of the other screensavers load Processing.js or p5.js and have external assets, etc, etc. But if you're comfortable with Javascript, or interested in learning it, you should be able to use them as a guide. For example, the emoji starfield loads a processing script, has image files, and also has a slider you can use to control how dense the starfield is. But the scripting is still all relatively simple.

If you do write a screensaver, please consider submitting a pull request to add it to the repository!